Singapore is a city like no other. This city-state is often considered to be at a cultural crossroads of the East and West. Hereskyscrapers and affluent suburbs coexist with lush, tropical rain forests. Walking down the busy streets of Singapore, it is common to hear a delightful babel of languages – Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil and more. Singaporeans pride themselves on their ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. Exploring Little India, Chinatown, Geylang Serai and Kampong Glam gives visitors a first-hand glimpse into the different communities that call Singapore home. To the delight of almost everyone who visits Singapore, this diversity also means it is culinary heaven. Delicious street carts, food courts and Michelin star restaurants all wrestle for space in the fiercely competitive food scene, all offering an array of dishes with Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Western influences.

Experiences in Singapore


The Essential Singapore

4-6 days

The Essential Singapore

For those travelers who want the best of all that Singapore has to offer. From beaches and tropical gardens to temples and skyscrapers, you will see it all. Pick from a variety of activities and sights to make your experience unique!

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