Austria is a contrast of elegant historical architecture and vivid landscapes, best known for its baroque church interiors, historic palaces, and impressive contemporary contours. It’s small country; still, travel in Austria is often a meandering journey and the landscape changes dramatically, offsetting one experience against another. One moment you’re plunging into an alpine lake, and the next exploring a narrow backstreet of Vienna. Even within Vienna, there’s a sharp contrast between historic center and the inner suburbs. Don’t be surprised, if culture manifests itself in many disguises – food & wine experiences, the classical works of composers inspired by Mozart, and plentiful lakes that are ideal for summer swimming, and freeze over for skating in winters.

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Seasons: All year round

Popular Activities: Cycling, City Walks, Alpine Skiing, Operas

Experiences in Austria


Sound of Music, Austria

6-7 days

Austrian Holiday (6 nights / 7 days) from EUR 700 per person
Twin Sharing Basis. *Refer comprehensive inclusions

Explore Austria starting with Vienna that is a sharp contrast of imperial grandeur and new old neighborhoods, let your sprites soar with the octave leaping sound of music in Salzburg, and St. Wolfgang, Innsbruck, and Hof Bei Salzburg with a chiming microcosm of alpine pastures and medieval city

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