CatterFly - About Us

Happiness is not a destination. Live the experience.

What we do?

CatterFly provides personalized travel experiences, activities and events with itinerary counselling and support

How we do?

Design unique travel experiences, manage end-to-end bookings, develop pictoguides, provide travel support, and enable experience sharing

Why CatterFly?

We believe, travel is truly personal and transformational. CatterFly helps you to experience it uniquely shaped by your desires and dreams

what we do?

Unique Travel Experiences

Designed by local experts and past travelers

Personalized Itineraries & Activities

Manage end-to-end personalized travel experience and itineraries

Customized Events

Manage corporate events or personal milestone celebrations in your style

Cultural Immersion

Learn local language or cuisine and experience hidden treasures

Travel Advisory

Help you select and book end-to-end lodging, logistics, activities, travel

Personal Concierge

Personalized picto-guide, travel support, native grocery, local SIM

How we do?

Experience Experts

Local experts to identify and manage truly unique experiences of the destination and culture

Itinerary Counselors

Design travel experiences based on their own itineraries and adventures

End-to-End Bookings

Manage the bookings as per your chosen or designed experience with your personal coach

Customized Guides

Develop a rich picture based customized Pictoguide to help you manage the experiences

Local Travel Coach

Personalized coaching to customize your experience and provide local or remote support during the journey

Personal Concierge

Your local concierge to help with small bits, local SIM, grocery or native food, tickets, bike rentals

Activity and Fitness

Organize mountain countryside biking, hiking, glacier walks; or participating in marathons, flying in the Alps

Destination Events

Customized corporate events or personal celebrations in chosen destination, a medieval castle, village, church...

why catterfly?

Why we travel?

We believe, people travel not only to see the sights but also to experience the new unknowns – perhaps to experience the riches of a country and a culture; that it pushes us to experience a new world as we turn from familiar to unfamiliar and makes us ready to fall in love. ‘The CatterFly’ experience is like an affair that never really ends.

Our Focus

CatterFly is borne out of the experiences of travelers who not only enjoy the main riches but also experiment with the unique aspects of a destination and the culture. CatterFly experiences are designed based on real life experiences of cultural experts and travelers and the images in this site are real clicks of travelers as they experienced it. Join the journey, and share it with The CatterFly Clan!

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